Company DNA

The Company DNA worksheet creates coherent behaviors, decisions and a sense of purpose for founders and employees. Doing so will help your team to operate cohesively as you pursue your goals.

You can download the Company DNA worksheet as a PDF here and as a Google Doc template here.

It is highly recommended that each team member fills this out individually, and then together as a team. 

Set the Stage

Gather your team and distribute same-colored stickies to your team members. Post the Company DNA worksheet on the wall. 

company os

Core Purpose

Start by posting your core purpose. Your core purpose is the reason your company exists. It should capture the motivation behind the work you and your team do.

company os

Core Values

Next, your core values. These are your essential and enduring shared beliefs. They are fundamental and so strongly held that they will likely remain unchanged for many years.

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Guiding Heuristics

Now, post your guiding heuristics. These represent the decision-making framework within your company. By referencing these, your team will have high-level guidance about what to do and what not to do.

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Audacious Goal

Now, your audacious goal. Your audacious goal is a clear and measurable challenge that, If you do everything right, your business will achieve.

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Aspirational Destination

Finally, post your aspirational destination. This is a more concrete vision of what it will be like to achieve your audacious goal.

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Transfer Learnings 

Transfer your stickies to the company os sheet and post the sheet somewhere visible.

company os
Get to Work!